Presidential candidates respond to Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act ruling


Thursday the Supreme Court announced it is upholding the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The ruling proved divisive among the 2016 presidential candidates.

The 6-3 ruling is the second time that this Supreme Court has ruled in favor of controversial portions of the healthcare reform act. The first was in 2012. This time, it was ruled that the portions in question made sense given the intention of the law.

Following the ruling, President Obama spoke about the act and said that it has already been the focus of one presidential election.

"The Affordable Care Act is here to stay," he said. "This is health care in America."

The 2016 presidential candidates, meanwhile, weighed in on social media. All four Democratic candidates voiced their approval of the decision, stating that they consider health care a universal right. Many of the 13 Republican candidates released statements voicing disapproval of the ruling. They said they believed the Affordable Care Act should be repealed or replaced.

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Here's a look at each of the candidates' statements:

Democrats, approve

Hillary Clinton

Lincoln Chafee

Martin O'Malley

Bernie Sanders

Republicans, disapprove

Ted Cruz

Jeb Bush

Rick Santorum

Carly Fiorina

Mike Huckabee

George Pataki

Rick Perry

Marco Rubio

Rand Paul

Bobby Jindal

Ben Carson

Lindsey Graham

Republicans, have not made statement

Donald Trump

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