'Go get your own stamps': Porch pirate gets more than she bargained for

A porch pirate in California chose the wrong homeowner to victimize and promptly got more than an earful.

"Sometimes you gotta get rice krispy and snap crackle and pop, and that's what needed to happen," said Shira Booker describing how she felt when she saw live video of a woman rummaging through her mail in Long Beach last week.

Booker was watching on her ring camera when the woman approached, reached into her mailbox, and tore open an envelope, clearly thinking no one was home.

That's when Booker decided to make it known that she was there.

"Enough is enough. Stop stealing our stuff. We work hard. Go get your own stamps, get your own envelopes," said Booker.

The suspected thief got away empty handed and Shira suspects she won't be back again.
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