Police investigate possible abduction from Phila. daycare

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015
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Police are trying to determine if a possible abduction near a daycare on Monday was actually a misunderstanding.

LOGAN (WPVI) -- Police are trying to determine if a possible abduction near a daycare in Philadelphia's Logan section was actually a misunderstanding.

The Hashir Al Baiyinah Daycare is for toddlers, but they also provide school transportation for elementary aged children.

Relatives say the suspect walked up to a grandmother when she arrived to drop off three children - a toddler and two boys, ages 6 and 8. The man said he was there to take the older boys to school, so she took the toddler to the daycare, and the suspect walked off with the older boys.

The boys' father, Wayne Shivers, explains, "It was an unbelievable situation and very scary. I felt helpless because I couldn't do anything, watching some man, some stranger, take my two sons."

Shivers says the grandmother eventually left the Hashir Al Baiyinah Daycare unaware anything was wrong.

The daycare's executive director spoke to Action News, but didn't want her identity shared. She explained, "When (the grandmother) drove off, about a block and a half away is where she seen them walking. So she asked him 'where are you going?' and the guy said, 'I'm taking them to school.' So she said, 'they don't walk to school.' So the guy said, 'I must have the wrong children,' and that's when the children got back into the car with their grandmother."

As this unfolded the daycare realized the boys were not with the man who normally drives the children to school.

The grandmother and the boys returned and police were called.

"It made us feel like he was watching us. Like, he knew the routine," the daycare executive director said.

The family has questions about the police investigation. They say police never interviewed the grandmother, nor the boys, until the grandmother went to the 35th District Monday night.

On Tuesday afternoon officers were on the scene, and an investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, Shivers has a message for parents and guardians, saying, "Take the time out, to when you take the kids to the daycare, check the surroundings - check the cars if you got to."

A police spokesperson tells Action News that at this point they are unsure exactly what happened - whether this was an abduction or a misunderstanding.