Philadelphia has fixed more than 5,000 potholes, but more expected this winter

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Be it bent or cracked, it's a fate that may await the rims or tires of many in the Delaware Valley if you blow past a pothole.

Yes, potholes problems in Philadelphia are nothing new. However, they are already adding up.

Consider this: the Philadelphia Streets Department said so far this year, crews have already patched up more than 5,000 potholes.

"I blew a tire, another guy blew two tires," said Michael Croumbley of South Philadelphia.

He, like many, have fallen victim to the crater at 10th Street and Oregon Avenue.

"That trolley track is sharp on the inside and that's what I think is blowing. If somebody goes over it and they get that metal, it's blowing the tires," Croumbley said.

Potholes on highways are also generally a major concern.

Stanley Joseph's tire paid the price on eastbound Interstate 76 near the University Avenue exit.

"A major road, interstate like 76, I expect it get fixed like, you know, at least a little bit quicker because it's been a little over a month that its been there," he said.

PennDOT said so far this month they've addressed a little more than 100 potholes, all of it based on tips from the public.
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