Pregnant woman attacked in Houston road rage incident with kids in car

HOUSTON -- A pregnant woman says she was attacked in a road rage incident and it all happened in the view of her children.

The dramatic scene was all caught on cell phone video obtained by KTRK-TV.

The woman gets out of her car and hits the victim's passenger side window.

The unidentified woman then walks around to confront the pregnant woman, and both yell at each other.

Video shows the moment the pregnant woman decides to get out of her car, still recording the other driver. It was a decision the mother-to-be said she shouldn't have done.

She said the driver started beating her and punching her.

The pregnant woman said the driver walked back to her car, but when she saw her still recording, she got even more irate and assaulted her a second time.

This time, she said, the woman punched her stomach and even bit her arm.

After, two men intervened. One is heard in the video say "Stop, she's pregnant." It was over.

The expectant mother drove to a nearby fast food restaurant and called police to report the incident.

Houston police are investigating.