Puppy thrown into frozen ditch gets a second chance at life

Friday, January 16, 2015
SPCA is nursing this puppy back to health after she was thrown into a frozen ditch.

RALEIGH -- A puppy is receiving intensive medical care after being thrown out of a car window into a frozen ditch.

It happened on Tryon Road in southern Wake County. A Good Samaritan witnessed the owner throw the two-week-old puppy from the car and quickly rushed to help.

The puppy was brought to the SPCA of Wake County for immediate treatment.

Darci VanderSlik, the SPCA of Wake County's marketing manager, said it was one of the coldest days of the year so far.

"If that Good Samaritan did not find this puppy, her chances of survival are almost zero," VanderSlik said.

Volunteers named the puppy "Scout," and they are working around the clock to nurse her back to health.

"When she came to us last week, she did have a head tilt which was probably a result of the trauma of being thrown out of the car. Every four hours we have our medical staff keeping tabs on her," VanderSlik said.

Scout's caregivers say she is getting stronger every day. In one week, she's doubled her weight and became more active.

VanderSlik commented on the inhumane nature of the puppy's disposal, and say the SPCA is "excited to be able to give her a second chance."

It costs the SPCA around $1200 to care for Scout. It will still be several more weeks before she can be adopted.

If you would like to help with Scout's medical costs, you can visit their donation page here.

There are multiple ways to surrender pets safely. The SPCA currently has hundreds of cats and dogs waiting on forever homes.

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