Fishtown pastor gets makeover, confidence boost on Netflix series "Queer Eye"

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Pastor Noah Hepler leads a Lutheran congregation in Fishtown.

He came out in his 30s but said he never really felt comfortable saying he is gay or living his true life.

His congregation helped him connect with the Fab 5 from Queer Eye, and the episode is part of the new season now on Netflix.

Pastor Noah lacked confidence as a leader of his congregation and that congregation was dwindling.

Not only did the five men who make up the cast help boost Pastor Noah's confidence with a makeover, but they also helped to make over the church for its 125th anniversary.

New paint, new lighting, all contributed to a fresh new atmosphere at Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Atonement.

They also connected Pastor Noah with other LGBTQ faith leaders who helped him see himself as a leader.

"Working with the Fab 5, by the end of the week, I was like I feel more like myself," said Pastor Noah. "This is what it means to come home to yourself. This is what it means to reconnect with who you are and especially for me the things I feel called to be. They're very loving, caring, genuine people, and what you see on tv is what I experienced every day of filming with them. It that kind of honesty and care in what they do. And fun! There were times I clearly felt overwhelmed by it."

He said the Fab 5 gave him hope.

The episode ended with Pastor Noah standing in front of his congregation and telling his story.

Pastor Noah says he's heard from so many people since the episode hit Netflix last week.

Most of them telling him, 'I have a similar story', and 'I had no idea this was possible'.

LINK: The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Atonement
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