Florida man cuts brakes on neighbors' scooters

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (WPVI) -- Police say a Florida man has been sneaking around his neighborhood cutting the brakes on scooters.

Check out the surveillance video from the Fort Lauderdale police department.

In the video, 59-year-old Randall Williams can be seen walking up to an electric scooter, slapping a white sticker on its QR code and then cutting its brake lines.

Police say this has happened to more than 140 scooters since April.

According to officials, the majority of incidents happened within two blocks of Williams' apartment.

However, they've only been able to link him to 20 of those scooters.

Police say the crime is a little pricey, too. It costs about $70 to fix each scooter, meaning it will run about $1400 dollars to fix the ones they know he messed with.

Williams faces multiple charges.
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