Mt. Airy Couple Makes Charming Music Video to Help Sell Home

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020
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A Mount Airy couple looking to sell their home went beyond a virtual tour and created a charming musical tour of their 6-bedroom house.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Because of the pandemic, a virtual tour has become an essential part of selling a home.

One Mount Airy couple went beyond that and created a charming musical tour of their 6-bedroom house located in the 100 block of West Upsal.

In the virtual tour, homeowner Adriana Samargia sings lyrics describing the home's features. Her husband, Robert Prester, provides the piano accompaniment. Both are professional musicians.

"So I asked him to play some piano and sort of was like this room is really fancy so maybe you could play something classical. This room is more playful so we went through each room having like a theme," Samargia told Action News.

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They started with Samargia's speaking voice, added Prester's piano notes, and then edited in her singing songs about many of the rooms.

"I watched the video as I was playing and basically this is what happened," Prester said.

Samargia admitted, "Originally, we just thought it would be fun to send to our children because they're always like super embarrassed by us." Their 20-something-year-old kids encouraged them to make "Upsal, The Musical" part of their online listing.

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The video is getting a lot of attention. It's attention they hope will sell their home.

To check out the listing for yourself, visit this link