Check Out Today's Cheapest Rentals In Philadelphia

According to rental site Zumper, median rents for a 1-bedroom in Philadelphia are hovering around $1,495. But how does the low-end pricing on a Philadelphia rental look these days--and what might you get for the price?

We took a look at local listings for studios and 1-bedroom apartments to find out what price-conscious apartment seekers can expect to find.

Take a look at the cheapest listings available right now, below. (Note: prices and availability are subject to change.)

1904 N 22nd St.

Listed at $525 / month, this studio, located at 1904 N 22nd St. in North Central, is 51.6 percent less than the median rent for a studio in Philadelphia, which is currently estimated at around $1,085 / month.

In the rear-facing unit, expect air conditioning, ceiling fans, hardwood floors and ample natural lighting. Neither cats nor dogs are welcome.

(See the complete listing here.)

2548 N 12th St.

This studio apartment, situated at 2548 N 12th St. in Hartranft, is also listed for $525 / month.

The carpeted unit has a kitchenette, a large closet and good natural lighting. Sadly for pet owners, animals are not allowed.

(See the complete listing here.)

1343 W Pike St.

Here's a 1-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom apartment at 1343 W Pike St. in Hunting Park, which, at 700 square feet, is going for $600 / month.

The sunny unit has a mix of hardwood and tile flooring. According to the listing, it has a "modern kitchen and bathroom."

(See the full listing here.)

3800 N 8th St.

Listed at $625 / month, this 1,228-square-foot townhouse is located at 3800 N 8th St. in Hunting Park.

The basement unit, which has a separate entrance from the building, has tile flooring, a stove and a refrigerator. According to the listing, it's recently been renovated.

(Here's the listing.)

1225 S 28th St.

This studio single-family home, situated at 1225 S 28th St. in Grays Ferry, is listed for $625 / month.

In the corner unit, you're promised carpeted floors, built-in storage features and ample natural lighting. Sadly for pet owners, animals are not welcome.

(See the listing here.)

3355 N Park Ave.

And here's a studio residence at 3355 N Park Ave. in Franklinville, which is going for $625 / month.

In the sunny unit, anticipate air conditioning, a dishwasher and and bay windows. When it comes to pets, both meows and barks are allowed.

(Check out the listing here.)

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