Marking success of senior housing in South Philly

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Festivities were held to mark the second phase of affordable senior housing in South Philadelphia.

The ribbon cutting comes as Anthony Wayne Two just reached full capacity. More than fifty residents have moved in since last November.

Jules and Kate Riccuiti, ages 74 and 71, simply love their new home.

"Each room has its own air conditioner," said Jules.

They have an oversized bathroom with plenty of safety bars.

Jules says he enjoys not only their space but the opportunity to play cards with his neighbors.

Down the hall, you can hear smooth jazz sounds where we met Jesse Fitzgerald, who already has his new digs decked out.

He did all the decorating himself when he moved in about a year ago.

Fitzgerald, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, moved here from a house in North Philadelphia where he had little mobility.

However at Anthony Wayne Two, he can access everything, including the kitchen sink.

"I'm so happy for the residents that we're able to provide something so spacious and lovely and really give them a chance to decorate it the way they want and make it feel like home. It's really beautiful," said Deborah McCollock, Director of Office of Housing and Community Development.

The complex offers 30 single bedroom units and 16 double bedroom units to residents earning between $11,000-47,000 annually.

Anthony Wayne Two is located at the Southwest corner of South 27th and Morris Streets, next to Anthony Wayne One, built nine years ago.

The facilities were built by the Altman Group. Three generations of developers were on hand for today's celebration.

"It's quiet. I have nice neighbors, it's just peaceful. When you get up in age, you just need that peace of mind," said Patsy Wragg.

Plans are already in the works for Anthony Wayne Three.
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