Teen creates lifelike dolls by hand

Reborn dolls are painted by artists to resemble realistic, lifelike, human infants. The dolls are collectible items, used for movie and TV props or help women overcome the trauma of losing a child.

Natalia Nowakowski began painting dolls when she was just 12-years-old. She spends up to 70 hours and 100 layers of paint on each doll, bringing it to life!

"I remember from my earliest years just taking a pencil or crayons and just drawing," Nowakowski said.

She starts with an unpainted baby kit and paints all the details you would see on a real baby, from veins, baby acne, or scratches.

"They are created by artists who put their heart and soul into these masterpieces," she said.

Nowakowski said she can even make custom made dolls where you can choose the hair and eye color, and the intensity of panting they would like. She said a typical baby has around 80 to 100 layer of paint, and spends roughly 70 hours creating each doll.

For more on Natalia's work, visit her Facebook page RebornOB.
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