What's the Deal: Rental services for anything you can imagine

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- From clothes to accessories to home goods, even entertainment - the rental economy is booming.

In this age of low waste and minimalism, you can now rent pretty much anything you can imagine. There's no major financial commitment to purchase items, and they no longer have to take up space in your home and life.

A big local name is now the latest to join the trend.

Philadelphia based Urban Outfitters is now getting in the rental game. It just launched Nuuly this week.

You can now rent clothing from Urban, Free People and Anthropologie. You get up to 6 pieces at a time for $88 a month. They also have more than a 100 other brands to choose from, and vintage items as well.

Don't have a pool but would love to take a swim? Swimply is a new app that allows you to rent a pool.

Whether you're looking for a local getaway, or you want to make some extra income renting out your own pool, Swimply's app connects you. We browsed the local offerings and found rentals in a range of hourly price points all over the Delaware Valley.

Like any other personal rental, always read the rules and the fine print first.

Speaking of homes, Rent The Runway, one of the first big names in the rental business, has just added home goods to its offerings.

RTR has now partnered with West Elm renting decor bundles to freshen up your home look .

To kick up your events, weddings, parties, photo shoots without the commitment of buying and owning items most people hardly ever re-use, enter Philadelphia-based Maggpie. This vintage rental company offers unique pieces that can be rented for any and all occasions.

Maggpie is the vision of local couple Jason and Maggie. They were so enamored with antique and interesting finds, they amassed a great collection and now rent them out for everyone to enjoy.
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