Running can be good for brain, heart & lungs

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015
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Ali Gorman reports.

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland (WPVI) -- If you are a runner, or thinking of becoming one in the New Year, research shows it's not just good for your heart and lungs.

Running can also be good for your brain.

All forms of exercise generate more mental energy, but aerobic exercise has the biggest impact.

And scientists at the University of Maryland say running can spark the growth of fresh nerve cells.

This can help with learning and with memory.

Other studies show lacing up on a regular basis can also make decision-making, planning and organizing easier.

Running can also help prevent depression.

And you don't have to go fast or far, as long as you are moving and getting your heart rate up.

If you are just getting started, check with your healthcare provider first.