The legal fight for safe injection sites in Philly

The panel touches on the story that a Federal judge in Philadelphia recently ruled that a supervised injection site does not violate the law.
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The panel discusses Byron Allen being sued for racial discrimination and PA Senator Daylin Leach suing the Inquirer over defamation.

Then, addressing the aftermath of Atlantic City Mayor Gilliam resigning after pleading guilty of stealing $87K from a youth basketball program and former Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein seeks to stop the installment of new voting machines with legal action due to her recount controversy from the 2016 election.

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The panel offers four stories that warrant more attention.

Other topics include Media mogul Byron Allen suing Comcast & Charter Communications for racial discrimination for their refusal to carry his multiple TV stations and the NAACP warning that this outcome could harm civil rights/discrimination protections in the workplace for years to come.This week's panel is comprised of Host Tamala Edwards, David Dix, Larry Platt , Christine Flowers and Dom Giordano.

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