Santa writes apology letters to kids for popular sold out toy

Every year there's a toy that every kid has on his or her list but is so popular that even Santa and his helpers just can't get their hands on it.

This year, it's Hatchimals and they are apparently impossible to find - unless you want to drop a wad of cash on eBay.

So what's Santa to do? Apologize of course!

One letter being sent to kids explains the eggs are being laid, and when they are the elves will deliver them - in January.

Santa goes on to explain that the child will get their special Hatchimal as soon as it has been laid.

Another letter explains that because of the current climate in the North Pole, Hatchimals will no longer be given out as presents.

So to protect them from possible extinction, Santa asks kids to please add something else to the list instead.
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