Children in need share holiday wish lists on gift tags

Things of My Very Own, Inc shared some of the wish lists written by children who ask for basic items, including food and clothes to keep warm.

The organization describes itself as a "crisis intervention services to children impacted by extensive abuse and/or neglect."

This year, children were given the opportunity to write items on a gift tag. The hope is that individuals and businesses will sponsor a child in need.

Some of the items the boys and girls asked for include: snacks, coats, jackets, and blankets.

Rayn Boncie, the founder of Things of My Very Own, Inc, experienced foster care as a child and has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children across the country.

In her Facebook post, Boncie writes, in part, "When I was 14-years old I was placed in the foster care system. A few months later, another foster child arrived. She was also 14 and came in wearing clothing that would have fit a small nine-year-old. I remember seeing her change for bed and noticed reddish-purplish welts on her skin. Her clothing had literally injured her. I made a silent promise to her that day, that when I grew up, I would do something to help children like her and me."

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