This principal of the year is making us Delaware Proud

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Sunday, August 5, 2018
This principal of the year is making us Delaware Proud
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This principal of the year is making us Delaware Proud. Brian Taff reports during Action News at 6 a.m. on August 5, 2018.

Wilmington (WPVI) -- Principal Kristina MacBury has been at Wilmington's Sarah Pyle Academy for five years. In that time, she has introduced innovative ways to educate high school students for whom the traditional way of learning just wasn't working.

This year, she is being recognized for her efforts, by The National Association of Secondary School Principals, as one of only three Digital Principals of the Year, nationwide. The other winners come from Lebanon, Pa. and Swansea, Mass.

At Sara Pyle Academy, digital technology platforms connect students, staff, and parents, working with each individual, to form a team.

For example, to help busy parents take part in student conferences, MacBury said the school brings them in virtually. "We hooked them up with google hangouts, so they can be at work during the lunch break or even at home with their children."

For the students it means sometimes working in personalized google classrooms.

And the teachers are learning too. MacBury said they "are getting coached, one-to-one coaching virtually. So that's really kind of out of the box."

MacBury admits that creating this type of learning environment was trial and error.

"The reason it works for us is because we have an amazing team that really trusts me and are willing to take risks and know that we're gonna fail and then we get back up and we start over again."

So how does it feel to have that perseverance recognized?

"Very overwhelmed, and very humbled and I don't like a lot of additional attention... but I love that it brings the recognition to the school, that the school really deserves and to my students and to my staff. "