Life hacks: Tricks for your food, clothes, furniture

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Monday, March 9, 2015
Saving with 6abc
Saving with 6abc

We are extending the life of everything - from the food in your fridge to your furniture with some simple, clever and little-known tricks from daily finance.

First, to extend the life of some of your groceries, did you know you can keep your baked goods fresh by placing a slice of bread in your cookie jar?

Keep your bread fresh by sticking a celery stalk inside the bag.

And your bananas ripen more slowly if you break them apart; in the bunch, they brown more quickly.

Now to some clothes savers and we are not making this stuff up!

Put your pantyhose in the freezer to prevent runs.

And speaking of that banana, you can use the peel to polish shoes.

For your furniture, rub walnuts on wood to remove scratches.

And you can get water stains off wooden pieces by rubbing mayonnaise on it with a paper towel.

For scratches in leather furniture, try olive oil!

Even more tricks can be found here: