Philly schools pass policy protecting rights of transgender students

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The School Reform Commission approved Thursday night a policy aimed to protect the rights of transgender and nonconforming students in the Philadelphia School District.

"We have worked closely with students and members of the LGBTQ community to develop these guidelines," said Dr. William R. Hite, Superintendent. "Every student deserves to know their rights will be recognized and upheld at school. This policy provides clear guidance and will help to ensure that our schools remain welcoming to all of our students."

Effective immediately, the new policy includes the following guidelines:

- Students may be addressed by names and pronouns corresponding to their gender identity in interactions with other students and staff, and written records, including class rosters, report cards, letters from the school or District, and photo ID.

- Transgender identity, legal name and sex assigned at birth is considered to be confidential information.
- Students may participate in gender-segregated groups that correspond to their gender identity.
- Schools should use gender-neutral language in communication with all students and families, regardless of a student's gender-identity.
- Students may access locker rooms and restrooms that correspond to their gender identity. Students who desire more privacy may be provided with access to a single-stall restroom or alternative changing area. No student will be required to use a single-stall restroom.
- Students may also dress in accordance with their gender identity. Schools may not adopt dress codes that restrict clothing or appearance on the basis of gender.

To view the full guidelines, visit the School District's website at


Information from the School Reform Commission

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