SEPTA announces proposed fare increases

Saturday, March 18, 2017
SEPTA announces proposed fare increases
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Local commuters might have to pay more to ride with SEPTA soon.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- SEPTA wants to raise your fares.

If approved, it would be the first fare hike on SEPTA since 2013 with the basic fare going up 25 cents.

Most people Action News spoke with Friday night are not happy about the proposal for various reasons - most of which center around their pocketbook.

"I don't like it in general," said one commuter.

That was pretty much the sentiment of most of the SEPTA commuters we spoke with.

"I'm not liking it at all. It's already hard out here getting jobs and stuff. It's real hard," said Brandy Matthews of South Philadelphia.

"That's really ridiculous right now with the wages not going up with the cost of living," said Nathaniel Lee of Parkside.

SEPTA is proposing higher fares on buses, trolleys, trains and subways that would begin July 1.

Among them: cash fare/quick trip would go up to $2.50, tokens discounted single with key increased to $2, Weekly TranPasses would go up to $25.50 and a 10-trip discounted Regional Rail would go from between $40 and $82.50.

SEPTA calls the increases modest and part of a three-year pattern to keep pace with rising costs for employee medical care, power for trains and fuel for buses.

"SEPTA like they request a lot, but like they don't provide great customer service. The bus drivers are really rude most of the time," said Fatima Ali of West Philadelphia.

"Some of the people from SEPTA - the board members, the managers - should get a chance to come out and ride the rails and ride the buses, and get a chance to get a feel for what the commuters have to experience on a day-to-day basis," said Irvin Perkins of Roxborough.

There were a few that are OK with the proposed hikes.

"I think that it's worth it. They should give us a discount for monthly, I think, but other than that, you gotta do it," said Terri Ludwig of Upper Darby.

Commuters will get a chance to have their say. Public hearings will be held on the proposed hikes in all five counties from April 19-25.

The full fare increase proposal and public hearing schedule is posted ONLINE.