Philadelphia Archdiocesan Schools SEPTA Strike Plan

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Monday, October 31, 2016

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Officials for Philadelphia Archdiocesan schools have released a contingency plan for a SEPTA strike:

Here is the information as released by officials:

It appears that there is a possibility of a SEPTA work stoppage at any moment. If SEPTA does indeed activate a strike, there will be no SEPTA busing, El, or trolley service. In the past, SEPTA Regional Rail (train service) has accepted "trans passes" as suitable fare for the affected time period. We have asked SEPTA Regional Rail if this would still be an acceptable form of payment and we are awaiting a response.

Please note that school district's yellow bus service would not be affected by a possible SEPTA work stoppage.

In the event of a SEPTA strike, school operations will proceed as normal. Starting and ending times will remain constant. At this time, we ask that you please make contingency plans for a potential strike. Carpooling is the recommended alternative.

Please make every effort to ensure that you are prepared for this potential issue.

Our top priority is the health, safety, and welfare of our school community. We hope that the information provided here will help you in planning for a possible SEPTA work stoppage.