Setting office hours by internal clocks?

If it's a never-ending struggle to get out of bed for work when your alarm clock goes off, this might inspire you to go your boss.

A steel company in Germany has done away with the typical 9 to 5 shifts, instead allowing their employees to set their own schedules based on their internal clocks.

That means morning people, who typically wake up early even without an alarm were assigned to the day shift. While those who prefer to naturally wake up mid-morning or even early-afternoon could work the late shift.

It turns out, the employees got 16 percent more sleep the first week alone. That led to a noticeable increase in productivity and morale.

Experts say the body clock model makes sense because a full 80 percent of people have work schedules that clash with their biological rhythms.

Still, critics say, though flexible work hours sound great in premise, the execution is a problem for most industries - particularly those where customers or clients depend on "regular business hours."


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