Cleanup continues after powerful EF-2 tornado in Thornbury Township, Pennsylvania

Days after a confirmed EF-2 tornado touched down in Thornbury Township, people across Delaware County are still cleaning up.

The county's head of emergency management, Timothy Boyce, was all over the area Saturday checking on progress.

"Major roads are closed, trees are down, we do have some homes damaged. Areas like this road (Providence Road in Edgemont Township) need to be closed and wires taken up. It could be two to three days until power is back," said Boyce.

Six major roads in Delaware County remain closed.

Along Ridley Creek Park, branches and limbs on damaged trees are still expected to fall at any moment, affecting the safety of people walking below.

At Clonmel Farm, which is centuries old, workers and volunteers have to shuttle water to the 25 horses that board there. They are working on securing damaged fencing so the horses can graze again.

"Our biggest challenge is getting water to the horses because they can't survive without it. And when we had no electricity, we had no water and everybody who had horses and my family we were carting water," said Dana Pound, who runs the farm.

Pound says the silver lining is seeing all of the support from the community.
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