Shelter Me: Cats Bridge to Rescue

Saturday, December 12, 2015
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CATS Bridge to Rescue is giving cats a chance to find happy homes.

CATS Bridge to Rescue is giving cats a chance to find happy homes.

A small but might group of volunteers helps "Cats Bridge to Rescue" fulfill their name of caring about the strays.

Judy Puccio is a senior volunteer, C.A.T.S. Bridge to Rescue.

"They were homeless they were starving not only for food but for attention," said Judy.

Amy Dufner found Joey when she was volunteering.

Judy says, "We call it a foster gone bad, which means they foster the cat and they can't give him back, because they love him so much."

Now Joey plays fetch with his forever family.

"We have wonderful volunteers they all love the animals," said Judy.

With more than 60 cats in their no kill facility it takes a dedicated group to make the space livable.

Judy adds, "Any cat that is taken into our facility lives with us for the rest of their lives or until they're adopted."

One of the volunteers is allergic to cats, but she found the perfect way to participate.

Janie has become our mascot at at catsCats Bridge to Rescue, only she is not available for adoption.

However, there are several cats that are looking for forever homes.

If you're interested in any of the cats you've seen in the video, you can visit the CATS Bridge to Rescue website.

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