Shelter Me: Main Line Animal Rescue

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Two dogs rescued from Main Line Animal Rescue are bringing joy to the many lives around them.

Meet Vegas and Maybelle, loving companions to Alicia and Gene Harantschuk

They're also certified therapy dogs, or "smile makers," as Alicia likes to call them.

The Harantschuks adopted Vegas & Maybelle from Main Line Animal Rescue.

"We go from big institutional type hospitals, to nursing homes, schools, assisted living facilities," said Alicia.

And they're making a difference in people's lives.

"It not only means something to us, it means something to them and their family," added Alicia.

The Harantchuks decided to train therapy dogs when Alicia's father passed away from Alzheimer's.

"He was a huge animal lover as are we, and it was just something that we wanted to do and give back to other people who are suffering from the same condition."

Vegas and Maybelle's lives are also impacted positively.
Bonding with us and giving them some enrichment in their life that maybe most dogs might not get.

Maybelle and Vegas we're adopted from Main Line Animal Rescue, a rescue that cares for 1200 animals a year.

Alison Hough is the Director of Development at Main Line Animal Rescue.

"We take in so many animals and we want the best for them, and to see someone who not only is giving a wonderful home to animals, but they're also out in the community spreading the word," said Hough.

This is Boone, he's an 8-month-old sighthound mix.

"Boone is very connected to people. He's very fun loving. Gets along great with other dogs, and would do really well with a family with kids," said Hough.

Simone and Rio are Toy Spaniel Mix puppies that were reused from a puppy mill in Lancaster.

"They would do fine with any kid of family. They'll just need moderate exercise," added Hough.

Tina is a 3-year-old Pit Mix and she would prefer a home where she can be the only dog.

She's a very gentle dog, and she just really loves to just be with you she's a very quiet dog, said Hough.

And these are the delightful Wilson brothers, Luke and Owen, little puppies, ten weeks old, ready for their forever home. They would love to come home to somebody that likes energetic sweet adorable puppies. And they have even been through training classes, so they know how to sit already.

If you're interested in Owen and Luke or any of the animals you've met today you can visit the Main Line Animal Rescue website.

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