Shelter Me: Rancho Relaxo

In this week's Shelter Me, we visit a farm that's providing a sanctuary for animals that were saved from slaughter and neglect.

Rancho Relaxo is a 10 acre sanctuary which is home to everything from turkeys and ducks to sheep and goats.

For animals it's a safe haven.

Caitlin Cimini is the Founder and President of Rancho Relaxo.

She said, "Anything that doesn't have a voice, we try to give a voice. That's the whole point of this. It can range anywhere from neglect, to slaughter bound, to owner not being able to keep the animal, to you name it."

For Caitlin and Len Cimini, it's a way of life.

"I personally have been involved in rescue my whole life, it's been my sole mission to help animals," said Caitlin.

And it all started with a horse named Helona.

"She was a wild mustang running the wild plains. And She was rounded up by the government and I rescued her from going to slaughter," added Caitlin.

From there, the couple's efforts took off. They rescued 500 animals in just a year and a half.

"You're born with a life mission, and it's just been imprinted in me. And I didn't realize it, until I woke up one morning and I'm like, oh I basically started a rescue," said Caitlin.

They pulled Clarabelle and Chewie from deplorable conditions.

"Even though they're different species, they are in love with each other. Yeah, they're best girlfriends. They're sisters," said Caitlin.

They rescued Girlfriend from slaughter, giving her a second chance at life.

"She had her horns burned off when she was very young. She's the only goat without horns, but she's the only goat that head butts everyone," added Caitlin.

And there is Ripley. A two-year-old orphan baby goat. She was found in the cold and brought in by Rancho Relaxo. As you can see she's doing great and is absolutely adorable.

If you're interested in donating or helping in any way you can visit the Rancho Relaxo website.

Caitlin and Len now have a new 16 acre property, and they're hoping to use that space to grow their rescue even more.

Len Cimini, Vice President, Rancho Relaxo said, "We'd like to have a volunteer center. And just have it be an educational experience as well, and the people can come volunteer, they can do tours."

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