Best, least expensive athleisure running shoes

Running shoes aren't just for runners anymore, more and more people are wearing them for every day comfort and fashion, too.

It's called the athleisure phenomenon - athletic wear making its way out of the gym and becoming more a part of our every day wardrobes.

And since running shoes are a big part of the trend - we put a few pairs to the test - for your feet and your wallet.

Biomechanist Dr. Martyn Shorten has created a set of tests to test shoes for running magazines and shoe manufacturers.

He tests 4 pairs of shoes all under $50: $49, $44, $34, and $14 dollars.

Then he gets to work, pounding, flexing, looking at the internal construction - even analyzing a runner in each pair to see how the shoes affect gait and body movement.

First up, the $49 dollar pair of Sketcher "Go Run" sneakers scores well.

"It's quite light, flexible, it's well cushioned," said Dr. Shorten.

The $44 dollar Reeboks?

"I'm a little concerned that it has this very thick soft in-sole memory foam and not much other cushioning," he said.

In a statement - Reebok responded to this saying: The midsole foam we use in the Twistform shoe works in concert with the sockline and the overall shoe to provide a desired running experience.

Dr. Shorten is more favorable of the $34 Champion shoes.

"It has a nice upper and some good padding around the ankle, nicely padded tongue," he said,.

But Dr. Shorten says the $14 pair has no rubber on the outsole and doubts it's very durable.

"The shoe maker says: The Athletech Dash is designed for the growing active and casual lifestyle segment, and not marketed as a high-end running shoe at a price point under $20 it's an incredible value.

And here's an important point - no matter what anyone's test results, what really matters is how the shoes feel to you.

"Make sure you have some wiggle room for your toes, no chafing, no rubbing. It shouldn't be like a weight on the end of your foot, if you can't feel it, if you don't notice it's there then it's probably a good fit for you," said Dr. Shorten.

In fact, when a real-life tester tried out all four pairs, her favorites for comfort were the Skechers followed by the $14 dollar Athletech pair.

The best advice? Go to a running store and have them analyze what kind of runner you are. Most of us can wear any pair of comfy shoes and have great runs.

Also - Dr. Shorten says you only have to replace shoes when they wear out, if the sole is peeling off or if they start feeling less comfy.