Getting free stuff in the mail you didn't order? Beware!

Consumers across the country are getting free merchandise in the mail that they didn't order.

Experts say those freebies are part of an international retail scam known as "brushing."

Terry Buckman says he received a free karaoke microphone in the mail but he had no idea who sent it to him.

"It just arrived in that package right there," said Buckman.

Buckman said he didn't order the mic nor did he pay for it. The package shows it was shipped from Korea by a company out of China called Aliavava.

"I thought it was a gag gift, someone was playing a joke," he added.

But after checking his online accounts he found out it wasn't sent by a friend or family.

And the Troubleshooters found Buckman isn't the only one receiving unsolicited packages like these.

Call for Action offices across the country have also received reports about surprise merchandise showing up at doorsteps.

CFA reports it is part of an international scam called Brushing.

"So it kind of allows it to game or boost their reviews and then they appear higher in search results. Companies get more four or five star ratings," said CFA Executive Director Ed Bartholme.

Brushing happens when a seller creates a bogus buyer accounts then purchases their own product. That seller then mails those items to real addresses. They do this so they can post verified product reviews for higher ratings and more money.

Bartholme said if you receive unexpected products the one thing you should know: "It's important to remember that under federal law you are allowed to keep any unordered goods that are sent to you."

But if an online marketplace is involved in the incident, alert that company of the package immediately. Someone could be using your account fraudulently.

Also change the passwords on your accounts.

And if you get multiple items of high value, file a police report in case you're being used in a larger criminal scheme.

As for Buckman's mystery microphone, the Troubleshooters checked the website listed on the package links to an address belonging to a cargo company.
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