Make old heirloom jewelry new again with re-purposing and polishing

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One local expert suggests tackling your jewelry box and breathing new life into old pieces. (WPVI)

In this new year, what's old is new again and for many, it's all about de-cluttering and actually using the things that are taking up space and collecting dust.

One local expert suggests tackling your jewelry box and breathing new life into old pieces.

The answer? Find a new way to wear it!

Rich Goldberg at Safian and Rudolph on Jewelers Row says every piece has new possibility and with a little polishing and re-purposing, every item can go from never worn to never taken off.

"A lot of young women come in - I have old family jewelry - what do I do with this?" he said.

Have an old brooch or cameo?

"What did we do with it? We turned it into a pearl necklace. She now gets more wear from it than ever before,this was just sitting in a drawer," said Goldberg.

And if it's an heirloom piece, you're also preserving the sentimentality.

"Grandma wore it and now you are wearing it in your own way," said Goldberg.

Same goes for an old pocket watch, Goldberg polished it up, popped it on a long chain and created a conversation piece.

"It's a very modern look again, but a very old piece that we brought back to life. And you keep it in the family and it keeps getting worn," he said.

An old ring even got a whole new look.

"This is an antique ring that women would not wear nowadays, but we cut the ring apart and we turned it into a new diamond pendant," said Goldberg.

Goldberg says some pieces may not need anything more than a second look

"The look of art deco has come back big the last few years and girls love finding mom or grandmom's jewelry," he said.

These old heirloon items could be a diamond bracelet, some yellow gold earrings or a dainty watch.

Simply add a new battery, give the piece a fresh polish and it's ready for a fresh new wear.

"It has history, it has a story. You are just giving it a new chapter. That's what it's all about.

And they say that's what makes jewelry of any type so special. Styles may change, but gems and metals of any type are truly timeless and can always be reworked.
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