Parents are hiring personal stylists for their kids

New York (WPVI) -- The struggle is real when it comes to finding clothes your kids like and want to wear. A new trend including hiring a personal stylist can help your children to find clothes they actually like.

Kids fashion is a huge industry, and the luxury market for children is growing.

"Overall, children's clothing does about $233 billion in sales annually -- the luxury market does about $6 billion and it's growing," ABC News' Chief Business, Technology & Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis added.

ABC's Nightline caught up with person stylist Mona Sharaf and one of her 9-year-old clients, Riley, who is a child actress in New York.

Sharaf argues her service saves time and is an investment in confidence. Plus she says it makes financial sense.

She charges $200 an hour and says parents love her because there is a lot less fighting over things like clothes.
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