Post-holiday deals worth waiting for

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Thursday, December 29, 2016
VIDEO: Post-holiday deals worth waiting for
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Hang in there a little longer because you will be happy you waited for the deals in January.

If you still have some shopping left in you, or spending power by way of holiday gift cards or cash or bonuses, hang in there just a few more days because you will be happy you waited for the deals just around the bend in January.

First a reminder: Christmas decorations and wrap!

If you can think WAY ahead to next Christmas, our friends at dealnews say you can save up to 90 percent on next year's paper, bags, tags, lights - worth it considering they are basically giving this stuff away.

Right now, clothing prices are hitting an all-time low. Somewhere between the post-Christmas sales and the rollout of spring lines, dealnews says we are about to see the deepest discounts yet, starting this weekend.

And hey, the sales are hot on exercise gear, just in time for some of those New Year's resolutions.

They also say now is the time to grab the best deals on electronics and video games.

Dealnews also has a list of items that will be less expensive in 2017, and that includes airline flights. They say low fuel prices and competition will bring prices down on both domestic and overseas travel.

In particular, they say keep your eyes open for $69 flights to Europe this year with budget airline Norwegian Air.