What's the Deal: Cutting down and cashing in your closet clutter

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If you've been swept up in the Marie Kondo phenomenon, you're not alone. It seems the hit show has inspired many to clean house and that's good news for anyone looking for a deal.

"If you haven't worn it in a year there's always a reason why. Why didn't you wear it in the last season, weight-related, you don't like anymore, or purchase remorse," said Janet Bernstein, owner of Main Line-based service, the Organizing Professionals.

Most of us are guilty of hanging onto things we don't want, love or need and feel like we have a closet that says, "I have nothing to wear."

Bernstein says to go with that one-year rule.

"Be ruthless - even if was expensive and that's always a trippy point too - ah - I spent so much money on it but you're not wearing it," she said.

Once you've made space, organize what you do love.

"Putting like with like, then color order. Darks before lights, left to right and then you know where everything is," said Bernstein.

And use garment tags to section off categories.

"We have all tops together, dresses together, skirts together, pants together," said Bernstein.

Then, she says invest in matching hangers.

"Use one color and it looks neat and organized and makes you happy," she said. The same applies to the drawers.

"We love to fold and put things away vertically because you can open it up and see everything that you have," said Bernstein.

And let go of those items that just don't work anymore.

"Pass it on, consign it, give it to somebody else...but only keep the things in your closet that you love to wear," she said.

Many people have been inspired to do just that, thanks to the new Netflix show: "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo."

With people now quick to part with those things that don't spark joy for them anymore, experts say this is a perfect time to shop secondhand. Consignment shops, boutiques, even online resale sites like Poshmark are now flooded with inventory. Their toss could be your treasure...

And this Saturday, January 26th, bring a piece of professional clothing that no longer works for you to AVE in King of Prussia and donate those clothes to to donate to Career Wardobe.

That donation will gain you admission to an exclusive pop-up wellness retreat including a free pilates class, snacks and goodies and giveaways. Details are as follows:

January 26, 2019
Pop-Up Wellness Retreat

On January 26, there will be an exclusive pop-up wellness retreat to benefit Career Wardrobe from 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at AVE King of Prussia. Enjoy a free Pilates class run by Hally Bayer of Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates, juice by Sip-N-Glo Juicery, snacks by Davio's and Vitality Bowls, pop-up shop by Skirt and giveaways by Athleta. Main Line Today will join the fun as well! Please bring a professional clothing donation for Career Wardrobe as your admission to the event. To RSVP for this event, email Emily at EBrennan@aveliving.com. 555 S. Goddard Blvd, King of Prussia

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