What's the Deal: Donate gifts from your ex to Goodwill

PHILADELPHIA -- Valentine's Day is a holiday that isn't always so easy for some.

If you're still recovering from cupid's missed arrow, we found a special way to turn heartbreak into hope.

"It's not all candy and roses for everyone," said Juli Lundberg from Goodwill.

If this sounds like your Valentine's Day, here's a chance to remove all visual reminders of a former flame for a good cause.

"You always see that scene in the movie where they throw the ex's clothes out the window? Just bring it here instead. Don't burn it, don't throw it out the window - bring your stuff to goodwill," said Lundberg.

The folks at Goodwill say by dropping off those once-loved items you are in turn, spreading love.

"We use the revenues to fund job training programs that help people with disabilities and disadvantages get to work," said Lundberg.

And they say decluttering is also good for the soul.

"It's getting rid of stuff, but it's almost emotional baggage if you think about it," said Lundberg.

Everything from clothes to shoes to accessories, kitchen items to furniture - they'll take it all off your hands and heart.

"What a good way to say good riddance and start fresh than getting rid of the blender or dishes you got as a wedding gift or the dress you wore on a first date or the clothes he left behind. Now's the time. Bring all of your reminders to Goodwill. We want them all - every bit of it," said Lundberg.

Lundberg says February is typically a low donation month for them and they're happy to stock their shelves with your old memories.

In turn, you can also pick up some new items at deep discounts.

"You can find a lot of great deals like designer clothes and accessories and great finds for furniture and vintage and refurbished items like Pinterest projects. There's a world of opportunity to get creative," said Lundberg.

There are about 25 Goodwill drop-off and donation centers in our area and most are open until 8 or 9pm in case you are looking for great plans. Nothing says I love you like giving back.