What's the Deal: Ending the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For many people, living paycheck to paycheck is a reality no matter how hard they try to escape the cycle.

But as daunting as it may seem, you can break it with a quick and easy fixes that add up.

Even if you're struggling to pay the rent and put gas in the car, Kathleen Garvin, an editor at the personal finance website, The Penny Hoarder, says - start saving

"There's that kind of mental barrier that I can only put $10 in so why should I start one? So we begin from the get go - start anywhere," she said.

She says many people never start because they're hanging onto every dollar, but small amounts will start to add up

"Anything - even if its 5 dollars a week or a month - it's something," she said.

Next, add to your own income and boost your bottom line in creative ways. There's even cash waiting to be found in your own closets

"I would say designer items - that's where I have gotten my best return on investment," said Garvin.

All you need is a smartphone or internet connection to set up your own online marketplace. The resale market is on fire right now.

"Why not sell it? Have that money to either pad an emergency fund or put toward a trip you've been looking forward to doing," said Garvin.

Garvin says the Penny Hoarder has tested Decluttr as a way to unload entertainment items like DVDs, CDs and the like. While your payback may start off slow...

"It can definitely add up if you have a lot of entertainment items you aren't using," said Garvin.

And get your own money back! She recommends Paribus, a website/app that scans your email archives for any receipts and issues you a refund when the price goes down.

"So if there' a price drop within 30 days on your behalf they will go to that same retailer and get you a price match - get you a price reduction," said Garvin.


To read the full story from The Penny Hoarder, CLICK HERE.

Paribus: https://paribus.co/
Decluttr: http://www.decluttr.com/

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