What's The Deal: Spend, splurge, or skip on these items

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We're helping you save big with a little shopping strategy, breaking it down by three categories: Splurge, Settle or Skip? Wallet Hacks has a play by play.
Let's start with the splurges.

The general rule is to spend more on big-ticket items you plan to use for more than 5 years. This includes appliances from the dishwasher to the fridge and even the grill. But, you should still look for a sale, with the next big one coming up on the Fourth of July.

Denim, beauty products, and clothing with quality guarantees is also worth the extra investment

So when do you settle?
You might not want to hear this, but air travel. You can save big when you choose cheaper flights that are early or later than you want, or include a layover.

Also, consider settling on things with a shorter lifespan and items that are consumed quickly. That includes things like paper towels and napkins, avoid paying full price if you can.

Do the same for trendy things you know won't be in style next season, only grab it at a discount.
Finally, when do you simply skip?

Wallet Hacks says skip expensive equipment you won't use often. Consider renting, especially for home improvement projects.

Also, reconsider those extended warranties. Consumer Reports says, typically, the cost of repairs isn't much more than the cost of the warranty.
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