Philly philanthropist shovels snow to raise money for families battling cancer

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- CJ Walsh is on a mission to shovel sidewalks around his Fitler Square neighborhood to raise money for his charity, Team I Hate Cancer.

He's quite the shoveler on a selfless mission and has raised more than $400 this winter for his foundation. He co-founded Team I Hate Cancer with his brother in 2006.

"We fund programs that help families facing a cancer diagnosis, so that's mental health therapy, we've done wigs," Walsh said.

CJ is shoveling nonstop to help more families in need.

Last summer, he and his brother raised $50,000 biking from Philadelphia to Maine to raise money for national cancer organizations, including the Flatwater Foundation.

Team I Hate Cancer is focused on being able to fundraise for various national organizations. One year the non-profit paid for therapy for families for an entire year. For Walsh the mission is personal.

"Unfortunately, we have a lot of people in our family who have been impacted by cancer, which is why we started it. Everyone has a cancer story," Walsh said.

Walsh has been able to take advantage of Mother Nature three times this winter. His service runs from $25 to $70.

On Thursday, he shoveled 16 homes. He said for him it's just his way of doing what he can to help others during such critical times.

"We're doing the right thing. That's how we were raised. The Walsh's do things the right way," he said.
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