Pennsylvanians dig out from winter storm, but chance for snow returns Monday

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- As the region digs itself out from yet another storm, more snow is expected on Monday.

"I'm tired of it," said Denise Liberatore of Audubon. "I mean, I love the snow. It's fun to play in when you're young, but when you're old, it's backbreaking."

But the snow and ice aren't stopping local businesses, like Nest Home Decor in Oaks. They've stayed open during the worst of the storms, enduring hail, broken windows and plenty of ice.

"We love what we do I guess," said manager Heather Parris. "We also have very dedicated customers. As you can see one just left, so we don't want to miss any business."

PennDOT District 6 Community Relations Coordinator Robyn Briggs said this storm was milder.

Since the height of the storm, about 400 crews were dispatched and about half of them are still out clearing the roads.

"It was probably a little easier than other ones because this started out as snow and this allows them to start plowing and so forth. So, when the sleet and ice land on top of that snow, then they're able to put salt or whatever they need to on top of that to treat the roads," said Briggs.

Another signal that roads are better: PennDOT lifted their 45 miles per hour speed limit restrictions on Philadelphia highways Friday morning.

"It's winter," said Kurt Wanamaker of Oaks. "This is Pennsylvania so you should expect that we've been lucky the past few years with not much snow."

Denise Liberatore said she thinks about her second home in Florida. She sold it two years ago because the winters were so mild in Pennsylvania.

"It was a little bit too far away to go back and forth but I'm regretting it now," Liberatore laughed as she shoveled her driveway.
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