100-year-old breaks 100-meter dash record

A retired teacher returned to her old school in South Carolina to teach the students there, and others, an important lesson.

Family, friends and students chanted 100-year-old Ella Mae Colbert's name as she walked onto the track at Chesnee Middle School.

She came to try and break the world record for the fastest 100-meter dash for anyone over 100.

Her first attempt didn't go so well -- Ella Mae tripped and fell.

"I think I started off too fast. Maybe I should have jumped up and down or something before I started," she said.

But as she's done her whole life, Ella Mae got back up and tried again and she killed it.

She covered 100 meters in 46.8 seconds, shattering the current record of 1 minute, 16 seconds.

She's now waiting for the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm the record.