Big dog enjoys tiny bed owner accidentally bought for him

ELKHART, Indiana (WPVI) -- Big dog. Tiny bed.

A dog from Indiana is getting a lot of love on social media after his family bought him a doggy bed that was just a little bit too small.

Paeton Mathes, 15, has a dog named Kenny, and he isn't small. He appears to be a golden retriever mix.

Kenny needed a new bed since he shares one with the other family dog, so Mathes' mother, Heather Stoddard, ordered one online last week. However, she apparently didn't look at the measurements.

"So my mom accidentally ordered an XS dog bed, but he's still grateful," Mathes wrote on Twitter. The bed looked like it was made for a dog the size of a chihuahua. But did it bother Kenny that his bed was too little? Absolutely not.

The photos that Mathes shared on Twitter show Kenny loving his new doggy bed by sitting and lying down on it, which made people on social media fall in love with the grateful golden retriever.

Other dog owners even shared photos of their pets on dog beds.

And don't worry, folks. Kenny eventually got the right size bed. Big Barker USA, a small dog bed company that hand-makes orthopedic beds for big dogs, sent the family a bigger doggy bed.

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