Buenos Dias! Matt Pellman surprises Action News at 4 team

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Action News traffic reporter Matt Pellman gives his own take on a viral video. (WPVI)

Action News traffic reporter Matt Pellman is known for his creative segues, transitioning from the previous news story to his traffic report.

While the anchors are never privy to what Matt will say, they know he will be on camera waiting for his turn to deliver his line.

But it was a different story on Action News at 4 on Wednesday.

Alicia Vitarelli had just finished her Big Talker report on Spanish teacher Andrew Ward of Kansas City, Kansas.

Ward enthusiastically greets his class each day by shouting "Buenos dias!" as he enters the room.

His students loved Senor Ward's ritual so much they started recording it each day and gave him a video montage to end the year.

Seizing on an opportunity, Pellman vanished from his accustomed on-air position, catching both anchors Brian Taff and Sharrie Williams off-guard.

Where did he go?

He was just preparing for one epic segue.

Watch the video above to see Brian and Sharrie's reaction to Matt's latest transition.
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