Child forced to hold sign at busy intersection as punishment for lying

How do you punish a child for being untruthful?

One girl in Florida was forced to hold a sign at a busy intersection, and the punishment led to a big debate about parenting.

The girl was spotted on the median holding a sign that read "I lied. I humiliated my mother and myself."

Witnesses say the girl's mother was standing nearby watching her.

People who spotted the girl went online and chatted about it, some say she was out there with the sign for over two hours.

"I'm sure that girl will never lie again, because that was embarrassing," said one witness.

"You don't place them in a dangerous spot like that in order to get some satisfaction out of what they did to you," another witness said.

Police showed up at the intersection after someone called about a traffic hazard.

Officers say they addressed the situation and that no one was hurt.
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