Domestic violence victim charged after handing in husband's guns to police

LAKELAND, Fla. (WPVI) -- When an alleged victim of domestic violence tried to protect herself, she found herself in jail.

Courtney Irby brought her estranged husband's guns to the police department in Lakeland, Florida before he was released on bail following a domestic violence arrest.

When she did, she was arrested and charged with armed burglary.

She says she feared for her life.

Her husband, Joseph Irby, was in jail for trying to run her over with her car and a judge ordered him to turn over his guns.

She was afraid he wasn't going to do it, so she did it herself.

Officers called Joseph in prison, and he said he wanted to press charges against her for taking his guns.

Courtney was jailed without bail for five days.

They both head back to court on July 16th.
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