Father, daughter to deploy to Kuwait together

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WPVI) -- When members of the military are deployed overseas, it's usually very difficult on them and their families. But for one family in New Mexico, they'll get to see a loved one a little easier.

That's because a father and daughter are being deployed to Kuwait together.

Hundreds packed the Kimo Theater for the National Guard's yellow ribbon ceremony.

But for two soldiers, today meant more than just a farewell.

Specialist Krista Macias and her father, First Sergeant Lacey Macias, will be serving side by side in defense of the United States.

"A few years ago she said she wanted to go in the military," says Sgt. Macias of the New Mexico National Guard. "It really surprised me, so and then volunteered to go with my company overseas to do the mission, it's really an honor."

Krista is a medic. When the opportunity to serve alongside her dad came up, she couldn't say no.

"It was one of his friends that he actually deployed with, he actually asked me to go," says Krista. "They said that they needed medics to come and they just figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to go with my father."

She says having him there will help her more than he knows.

"It's pretty awesome thing, it takes the edge off of being deployed, so it's not nearly as nerve-wracking for me," Krista says. "And so it's just awesome to share this experience with my father."

Even more touching: It's Krista's first time being deployed, and her father's last.

The elder Macias says it's a passing of the torch so his daughter can carry on the family's legacy of honor.

More than 100 soldiers were scheduled to leave for Fort Bliss Tuesday for three weeks for final preparations, and then on to Kuwait for nine months.
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