Friends and families gather for Fourth of July in Fairmount Park

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- In the Parkside section of Philadelphia, the Montague family has gathered together on the Fourth of July in the same spot for decades.

"I am 65 years old, and I remember coming out here when my dad brought us out in little red wagons," said Jeffrey Montague. "I may have been 3 so I would say we've coming out here for over 62 years. Same spot. 62 years."

Generations get together to enjoy good food and great company.

"And we get to have fun with our cousins and families. And aunts and cousins and uncles," said little Brielle Montague.

It's a lot of work to make their cookout happen. Ruth Montague wasn't very happy that her husband was relaxing in the shade and not helping her out.

"It's a lot because you have to prepare the night before and then yeah... You see how he's over there relaxing and what am I over here doing? Cooking. And who packed? Me. And who helped me? My child. But he's just sitting over there chillin," she said as her husband waved at her from his folding chair with a smile on his face.

Not far away in Fairmount Park, another group went all out for their Fourth of July celebration. They had a DJ, a huge speaker setup, even a bounce house. Sam Pracher of North Philadelphia, better known as "Sam the Butcher" had four grills going on this Fourth.

Alonzo Taylor of Feltonville said, "We do this every year. Know what I mean? Different locations, have fun, family and friends. Come out here 4th of July. You only live once, might as well enjoy it while you're here."

Over on Lemon Hill, a group of Drexel University graduates got together to relax. It turned out to be a perfect day to enjoy with friends and have some fun in Fairmount Park.

"It was so hot earlier in the day but now it's like perfect,"Andrea Cardoni of West Philadelphia said. "It's like I don't feel like I am baking or dying or anything like that which is really nice."
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