Grant the wish of a foster child with the click of a mouse

TRENTON, N.J. (WPVI) -- As we approach the holidays a lot of us are thinking about how to make wishes come true for those special to us.

A Mercer County based nonprofit organization is going beyond that, working to fulfill the dreams of foster children across the country.

At its headquarters in Trenton, One Simple Wish volunteers are sorting through piles of toys destined for the arms of foster children, who all too often are taken away from home, family and everything familiar to them with barely the clothes on their backs.

One Simple Wish Founder Danielle Gletow tells us, "Our goal is to brighten the lives of children in foster care, and we do that by ensuring they have an opportunity to feel just like normal kids. We want to make sure they have access to the same experiences and the same items and the same resources that all kids should have."

Making wishes come true is easy. Foster children connected to 700 agencies in 48 states tell their caseworkers what they wish for.

Program Coordinator Kelly Keefe explains, "They submit it to us. We then value the wish and we put it on our website, which then allows our donors to go on and essentially go online shopping for children's wishes."

When donors click the "Grant This Wish" button they agree to pay for the item or experience and the wish fulfillment team goes to work.

Many of the items children ask for are so simple it'd break your heart. We're not talking about extravagant things - just the kinds of things all kids want.

Daniela Repack from the One Simple Wish Team, says, "They want movie tickets to go see a movie they like, a baby doll - very just simple wishes."

One Simple Wish team member Danielle Kocubinski tells us, "I just filled a wish for a girl who's going away to college. She just wants typical normal things in a dorm room. And a Target gift card so she can have toiletries and clothes."

There's a $500 limit, but most wishes range between $60 and $100.

The program has helped over 30,000 foster kids since One Simple Wish was started in 2008. A thank you card from one recipient reads, "It means so much to me to have the experience of going to a prom. You're awesome and so very kind. This experience will last me a lifetime."

One Simple Wish granted with the click of a mouse.
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