Handing out birthday invitations, birthday cake banned in Australian school

Handing out birthday invitations at school could become a thing of the past, at least in Australia.

An Aussie school has banned the practice.

It's to avoid any child who is not invited from getting upset or feeling left out.

Parents are only allowed to send the invites as evites.

This policy was put in place after a child became upset when they weren't invited to a classmate's party.

It's raising some eyebrows about teaching kids resilience to deal with this kind of rejection, but also inclusivity.

No one wants to be left out.

But that's not the only ban that is getting attention.

The school has also banned birthday cakes, saying teachers can't cut the cakes for safety reasons.

Instead, the treats have to be small like cupcakes, and candles are also not allowed for in-school birthday celebrations.
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