Harriet Tubman Museum Opens With Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Cape May, New Jersey

CAPE MAY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- It's a big step forward now that construction is complete of the Harriet Tubman Museum in Cape May, New Jersey.

There was a celebration on Thursday afternoon, led by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, on what's been declared Harriet Tubman's emancipation day.

"Yes, this is a place for us to learn from the history," the governor said.

"It represents to me the town that said 'we're going to do this right.' Harriet Tubman represents to us the person that can take us out of slavery and the slavery of racism," Museum Chairman Bob Mullock said.

The museum is located on Lafayette Street which Tubman called home in the 1850s as she worked to fund her Underground Railroad missions.

Cape May played a huge part in ensuring slaves made their way to freedom.

"She was here we know for sure in 1852. She came to Cape May to work to earn money to go across the Delaware," Boardmember Barbara Dreyfuss said.

The board members say the museum opening during the pandemic speaks to Tubman's great legacy. The Harriet Tubman Museum is located on a block several anti-slavery activists called home directly next to the Macedonia Baptist Church another historical site and a staple of the abolitionist movement.

"My hope is that this museum becomes the new North Star in each in every one of us in this long-overdue endeavor," Governor Phil Murphy said.
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