Homeless teenager hopes to spread change by running for public office

Eighteen-year-old Auontai (Tay) Anderson is running for a Denver Public Schools board seat, making him the youngest ever to seek the position.

The Manual High School senior, who is homeless but currently staying at a friend's house, said his experience as a public school student and work within the student government make him a qualified candidate for the position, according to The Denver Post.

"With over a decade as a student in the public education system and four years in student government, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated decisions, and get things done," he said.

Anderson is running for the District Four seat on the board, currently held by Rachel Espiritu. All of the city's four seats on the board will be up for election on November 7, according to The Denver Post.

"Together, we need to create more opportunities for students to step into their greatness, improve our schools and put our students first, especially our students of color, which is a top priority for me."

Anderson said he plans to continue his education at Metro State University in Denver and also has aspirations to become the first African American Governor of Colorado.
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