Blogger's Satirical Look at Women's Holiday Ads

If you've ever found yourself shaking your head when looking at a holiday ad in a women's magazine... this blog is for you.

Mary Laura Philpott, the author of Penguins with People Problems, also writes a tongue-in-cheek blog called I Miss You When I Blink.

That's where we found a gem titled, How to Be a Ladyperson at the Holidays: 10 Important Tips.

In it, Philpott pokes fun at the way advertisers are marketing winter clothes or accessories to women.

The sarcastic tips to be a girl in December include, "Stay cozy, wear a baby."

Blogger's satirical look at holiday ads

Philpott jokes if you play your cards right, your sensitive, dad/boyfriend/professor will reward you with a pair of socks made out of his extra sweater sleeves.

Or #4: "If you're truly hot, you won't get cold."

Blogger's satirical look at holiday ads

Philpott's playful take?
Don't wear a coat over your party outfit.
Just drag it along behind you in the snow and use the oil on your legs to fuel warm thoughts.

How about #8?
"Do a sports thing. That's funny."

Blogger's satirical look at holiday ads

She jests that this ad's message is to be bold, have short hair and do something "sportsy" while also wearing your purse as an undergarment.

Finally, Philpott tackles a common theme in cold-weather ads: no pants.

Blogger's satirical look at holiday ads

In her last tip, titled "Ignore the voice of reason," she kids that wearing only suede boots and a chunky cashmere turtleneck is a look that's as adorable as it is impractical.

Here's where you can find more from Philpott: Click here for more information

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